The competition, dedicated to emerging filmmakers, takes place between the 30th of June and the 6th of July in Pigneto, one of the liveliest neighbourhoods of Rome.

Five under 30 filmmakers, from countries other than Italy will be selected for the production of audio-visual works, to be developed within the Pigneto neighbourhood. The young directors will be asked to produce a film, whose theme/topic will be revealed one hour prior to the official shooting kick off. Participants will have six days at their disposal to produce their own feature work. It is allowed to develop short movies, documentaries, videoclips for a maximum duration of 10 minutes including the end credits. All submission exceeding 10 minutes length will be automatically excluded from the competition.

All shootings will have to take place within the perimeter of the neighbourhood, outlined by Prenestina, Casilina and Acqua Bullicante Streets.

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